Mrs. Deepanshi Kapoor - Founder/CEO

About Us

Take a moment. Close your eyes, think about some of your favourite times in the past. Think think!

We know you have a great photographic memory! Now add some fun moments, some candid ones. Some that you see. And some that you missed seeing but heard stories about. Add happiness, add colours. Make them look like dream. The ones with your favourite people on earth…

Open your eyes and find all of this in pictures, of course these are your picture stories clicked by Happyframes team. A bunch of light hearted people who want to make sure that you remember some of your best moments with a smile!

Over a decade ago, what started as a hobby is now a full time profession. In the middle of this journey are a few years spent as a Public Relations consultant. Moved out of the comfort zone of a great job coz I had to turn back to photography

Mrs. Deepanshi Kapoor
Founder CEO

Our Creative Heads

Client Servicing 

When  it comes to clients,   she knows  it all. 

The Rockstar who turns visuals into reality. 

Our  inspiration.

His edits = Happy clients

The Social Media Junkie. 

The silent video artist  

All in one Camp (Photo+Video)   

Photo Specialist